My portfolio - Web development Moors Valley Railway

Of all the examples of web development, this project is the one I am most proud of.

Working closely with the designer, I was tasked with converting the designs for this project into custom WordPress themes, applying ACF functionality and making the site fully responsive across mobile and tablet. Once this was achieved, the bigger part of the project began.

…e-commerce integration was a key requirement.

The client needed an event ticket feature added to the site so visitors could reserve and purchase event tickets online. In addition, e-commerce integration was a key requirement. Aside from the key requirements involved with uploading events and allowing customers to purchase tickets, configuring a payment gateway and automated confirmations were successfully achieved.

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Please note. This work was produced during my time at Authentic Style for an existing client of theirs. I worked on the development of the website based on the design by their in-house web designer. I will be able to share a link to the live site once this is available.

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