My inspirationjournal: Volume Four

Volume Four

on 3 May 2020

Hi everyone, I hope you’re well and staying safe.

This week has been really busy (and awesome) with a new site going live for the fantastic Mother Hen’s, and a new design for a great friend (some sneak peeks will be added to my Facebook page as soon as possible.)

Alongside the busy workload this week, I made time to get out for some fresh air and reflection. I was taken on a forest walk by my daughter which coincided with some rain, hail and swamp tigers (don’t ask!)

We started off walking past the den which my daughter made a few weeks ago. It’s a traditional teepee-style den built with old fallen branches from the surrounding landscape. I used to love building these with my friends when I was younger, so seeing this filled me with nostalgia and a huge amount of pride. We carried on, climbing onto every tree stump we passed whilst keeping an eye out for any wildlife that might be close.

After a quick dash for shelter under the canopy (and the little Gruffalo umbrella we had with us) to protect us from the Caribbean-esque downpour that suddenly hit, we continued our trek toward the home of the swamp tigers…I know, I too had no idea that Dorset was home to such a diverse and exotic breed of animal!

When we arrived at the swamp, I was reassured that they were all asleep and that we were perfectly safe, phew! It turns out my 5-year-old is a lot braver than me!

This walk reminded me of the imagination that we have all had and are capable of drawing on whenever we need. If there are times when I’m having a creative block (and it does happen), I need to remember these times as a great source of inspiration.

Best wishes,

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