My inspirationjournal: Volume three

Volume three

on 23 April 2020

I’ve just started experimenting with Adobe Photoshop again. My most recent professional role was as a Web Developer, so this saw my daily exposure to the Adobe Creative Suite greatly reduced. However, since turning freelance and setting my sights more on design, I have found myself using Photoshop in my free time as well as working hours.

A little history: I’ve used Adobe products since I was in college (much longer ago than I care to admit!) and I was always fascinated by the endless options they gave to bring creative flare and imaginative ideas to life. Whether it be in programmes like Flash (AAAAHH!) where I would create simple animations of objects rolling from one side of the screen to the other; or creating HTML pages in Dreamweaver. With that, I know some consider Dreamweaver to be an ancient programme with respect to Web Development, but it definitely still has a place for things like email marketing design which is still stuck in the dark ages using tables. Dreamweaver chews through things like that far better than more popular code writing software like Sublime Text.

Last weekend I fired up Photoshop and re-imaged a number of family photo’s (including the four-legged members of the family) into a comic book-style version. I had a lot of fun with this and have included a few in this post for you to look at. I hope you like! I’ve found that Photoshop always gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques, no matter how much you have learnt in the past. I would definitely recommend having a go!

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